Android Fix: Unexpectedly removed External Storage

After the latest system update my Android phone started getting the SDCard has been unexpectedly removed error or "External Storage suddenly removed" notification. This issue causes external SDCard to unmount itself constantly and randomly .  A reboot fixes the problem temporarily. The device at first detects the SDCard and displays a notification that says "SDCard or External Storage inserted", but after few minutes or hours, you suddenly get the "SDCard has been removed" error, and this cycle just repeats. After doing some research I have found a solution that have worked very well for my Zenfone 2. Here are the easy steps to fix SDCard Unexpectedly Removed or Unmounted error on Android smartphones and tablets:

How to fix SDCard unexpectedly removed error on Android devices

  1. First go to Settings >> storage >> scroll down and select “Unmount”
  2. After unmounting your sdcard remove your sdcard from the device
  3. Now turn off your smartphone
  4. Insert SD card and then Turn it back on
  5. Again, go to settings >> storage >> unmount external storage
  6. Now click “mount external storage”

Now the SD Card Unexpectedly removed error should be solved. If your SDCard is still unmouting or removing by itself, simply repeat the above steps one more time. If nothing works, check if you have recently updated your system. In that case, a factory reset should fix the issue.



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